4S Brahmans

Our interest in cattle began with the 1st of the 4S family, Curtis Solomon.  He raised Joe, Frankie, & Frankie Jr. to enjoy the cattle life and to appreciate the results of hard work and honesty.  We have raised many breeds of cattle and ultimately fell in love with the Brahman breed.  We have dedicated our work to the production of quality registered purebred Brahman cattle.

We only incorporate maternally focused, docile heifers into our herd.  All our cattle are very calm and love people.  We are not afraid for our toddler age children to hand feed our cattle, as you will see when you visit us.  We want the future generations of our family to enjoy the Brahman breed just like we do.

Our main goal is to help others find the right Brahman cattle for them. We can match you with your needs and would love to help.  We have show cattle with very sought after pedigrees, but they can also be used in the pasture to build a herd to be proud of.  We only raise “front pasture” cattle.